We provide Trade Wise Training Facilities:

1. Metal Formwork / Steel Fixture
2. Steel Reinforcement Works
3. Timber Formworks
4. Brick Laying
5. Tile Fitting & Plastering
6. Pipe Fitting
7. Structural Steel Fitting Works
8. House Electric Works
9. A/C Duct Fabrication Works
10. Plumber
11. English Language and Custom Manner

11. English Language and Custom Manner

RRecruitment of workers are done at the corporate office and at the center's recruitment cells. Minimum education requirement, Physical appearance & fitness level, previous experiences are the prerequisites considered while selecting a trainee. After recruitment, each trainee has to go through a thorough medical test at our approved Medical Centre. Trainees are then mobilized at the centre as per mobilization schedule. Trainees are issued with working dress, safety boots, sun caps and helmets as standard issues.

Training is the heart of all activities. Here at REGION-LINK HR TRAINING CENTRE the training never ceases to work. Starting at seven in the morning it continues throughout the day and continues well into late hours at night in various shifts and batches. Training strategy translated into well rehearsed weekly programs developed to suit the training needs of different groups are conducted by the highly qualified and time tested trainers closely monitored by the Group Supervisors and Training Managers. Most of the trainers are trained engineers / highly skilled SEC (K) qualified individuals with high degree of commitment and motivation. The result is evidently a high pass rate and a low fall out numbers. g program. ThAll trade training activities are divided into Practical and Theory classes. It is conducted strictly following a 756 hours of modular training program. The batches are divided into basic, intermediate and final stages. Each stage is run for 3 weeks in 189 hours of practical and theory classes. After every stage of training, each trainee has to qualify through a test to move into the next stage. Trainee's daily and weekly performances are recorded and maintained in a comprehensive database. At the end of the final stage all trainees have to go through and qualify in 'Simulation Test' to be able to qualify for participating in the final test.

On average 60% to 70% trainees from the Final Group qualify through the simulation to go for the final test. The test is held every month. The result of the test is declared by about 10 day's time. Final test for Employers from different countries are done by the Center Management in presence of their representatives / delegates.


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